Medical Club wraps up a successful year

Members experience a variety of hands-on activities


Photo submitted

Medical Club president junior Henry Staggs poses after a meeting during which club members learned how to put on a cast.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

After a year of educational and entertaining activities such as learning about casts, suturing, participating in CPR training and learning more about spine surgery, the Medical Club is coming to a successful close for the year.

Club president junior Henry Staggs said that the Medical Club has “definitely gotten more popular,” and that according to faculty moderator Mrs. Sue Mills, the activities have become more interesting and engaging, compared to when the club was first established.

Despite only having been the group’s president for one year, Staggs said that his time leading the Medical Club has been a success. “Originally, we did a very good job getting new members at the Activity Fair, and 60 to 80 students showed up for the initial meeting. On top of that, there were the T-shirts, designed by me, and a solid 20 to 30 students who showed up for each meeting.”

Despite Covid-19 holding their plans back at the start of last year, the Medical Club pushed onward. When asked about plans for the future, Staggs said, “There are definitely some ideas in the back of my head. My girlfriend’s mom was a nurse so she could teach us about nursing one day, and there’s also a mom who was an oncologist who could teach the club about that. And of course, I’d always love to do suturing again.”

Staggs expressed his hope of getting to go to the cadaver lab, as the Medical Club has done in the past before Covid-19. “Sometimes in past years (Mrs. Mills) would take us to the cadaver lab or to actual hospitals, but Covid-19 and the club’s large numbers have held that back a little bit,” Staggs said. “But really, being able to organize everything, talk with Mrs. Mills and come up with something from the ground up is amazing. I enjoy the part of the search and find (aspect) of coming up with something that’ll bring excitement to the members of my club.”

Staggs said that while suturing and performing surgery on bananas may be his favorite club activities, there’s “no such thing as a least favorite activity in the Medical Club. They’re all fun. You’ll never be bored.”

While the meetings for this school year may be over, the future is always bright. The Medical Club meets from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Staggs asks that all students “please consider joining the Medical Club, especially this coming year, because it’s going to be great. Contact Mrs. Mills or me for more details.”