Alliance schedules final meeting of the year

Group will meet after school in Mrs. Hovanec’s room


Megaphone file photo

Rainbow pins worn on lanyards show support for the LGBTQ+ members of the Irish family.

By Given Lee, Reporter

The Alliance Club is a group dedicated to educating and discussing LGBTQ+ struggles and events happening locally and globally. 

Club leader and junior Sydney Moore said, “We don’t want to make a safe space, we want to create a school where a safe space is not needed.” 

The club’s final meeting of the school year will be May 18 after school in Mrs. Karen Hovanec’s room. There will be a discussion about the club topics and a small party with the members and whoever else decides to show up, because all are welcome. Allies and members of the LGBTQ+ alike are all asked to join. Moore said, “Anyone willing to come is welcomed and bringing food or drinks is highly appreciated.”

This meeting’s main focus will be on the group’s goals for the next school year and what they wish to accomplish with their program. Moore said, “As of right now, we cannot do much. All we can do, with the limited amount of reach that we have right now, is give a space to talk and discuss the world around us and prepare our LGBTQ youth for life outside high school.” 

Moore said, “We would really want people to know that the Alliance club is not a ‘gay club.’ We want everyone to join in order to show their support for the LGBTQ members of the school.” Whoever feels as if they want to make an impact on the school, should attend. As Moore said, “We hope that more people can join this next meeting, both gay and straight, even if it’s just for the food.”