Tech Theater Whirrs to Life

The Backstage Crew Starts to Prepare for A Slate of Fall Productions


The signs from last year’s productions now hang backstage to commemorate everyone’s hard work

Liam Eifert, Editor-In-Chief

Theater Department Chair Mr. Michael Moffatt said that work on the sets will kick into gear. After school work for crew members officially begins today. They’ve already worked on switching more stage lights to LEDs. Moffatt said, “It’ll save heating bills, it’ll save on electricity bills. And then, I’m pretty sure they’re guaranteed for life.”

Although roles have not been confirmed, Moffatt said that Senior Declan Hotchkiss is expected to be lights head, Senior Anna Elpers is expected to take over paint crew, Senior Allie Mendoza is expected to take over props, and other roles were still being worked out by Moffatt and the crew.

As the constant in a rapidly theater department, which has seen 5 directors over the past 5 years, Moffatt was excited for this year’s theater director, Ms. Jordan Fox. He said he appreciated her going out into the school and teaching non-theater classes like speech. He said, “She’s already this huge advantage.” About losing last year’s director somewhat unexpectedly, Moffatt said, “Yeah, we tried.” Moffatt was optimistic about the year, with a great budget and a lot of student enthusiasm. He said that to start the year, “(Fox) has got a great position.”