Flu Vaccination Clinic on Sept. 27

The school’s nurse emphasizes the importance of the shot, especially this year.


Nurse Marianne Vogt ‘83 answered questions about the school’s Flu Vaccine Clinic which will be held on Sept. 27 in the Mimm’s Gym.

Daniel Kent, Reporter

As flu season ramps up, the school is preparing for increased infection rates this year. Nurse Marianne Vogt ‘83 said, “I do think everyone’s pretty much in agreement that (the flu season) is going to be fairly bad.” Especially because mask wearing is not as widespread as previous pandemic years, the flu is likely to be a bigger issue at school. One important measure to prevent infection is getting a flu vaccine, and the school is hosting a flu vaccine clinic on Sept. 27 in the Mimm’s Gym.

The Mimms Gymnasium will look rather different on September 27th.

“It’s only in the morning, and they’ll be here at 8 til 9:30,” Vogt said. The timeframe this year is a bit shorter than previous years, and students who are getting the vaccine will not have scheduled times to receive it. Vogt said, “You either have to get here a little bit early or go during your first period.” Students can still sign up using the link in the student newsletter, but parent permission is needed.

A student must come to the clinic with a parental consent form to get the shot. The consent form can be accessed in the student newsletter, but Vogt said anyone can stop by her office to pick one up as well. Vogt noted that last year’s turnout was especially high, and she hopes that more take advantage of the opportunity this year.

“It’s important to get the vaccine because we’re in a group setting every day and it’s a way to protect us all,” Vogt continued, “if the majority of people get the vaccine then we hopefully will not have a huge outbreak.” Vogt reminded those who can’t make it to the clinic that “you can get (the vaccine) at the grocery store or any pharmacy, and it’s almost always free.”

Along with getting the flu vaccine, Vogt said, “Remember, just like with COVID, wash your hands and sanitize all the time, cover your cough and absolutely stay home if you don’t feel well—especially if you have a fever, cough or sore throat.”