Homecoming Week

A week filled with fun…and learning.

Lola Mullin, Reporter

Homecoming week kicked off on Monday October 2nd. For day one the theme was movies. Each grade was assigned a movie to dress up as: Freshman were to dress up according to the movie Minions, Sophomore had Toy Story, Juniors had Jurassic World and Seniors had Top Gun. On Tuesday the theme is food, this is unique and fun because you can do group costumes and food isn’t typically a homecoming theme. Then on Wednesday the theme is celebrity. Dressing up as a celebrity is an all time favorite for the students. Thursday, the students are going all out Irish, dressing in their top Cathedral gear, or anything having to do with a leprechaun. Lastly, on Friday the student will wear their class t-shirts or as the theme. Freshman are “Get Flashy”, Sophomores are “Get Spooky”, Juniors are “Get Patriotic”, and Seniors are “Get Strange”.

One of the themed t-shirts the seniors will be wearing during Homecoming week.

“Irish I knew” day is on Friday October 7, which is where students pick different activities to do for the beginning of the day. Some of the activities are: Trivia, Euchre, Golf and the Business world, No Drama Prom Hair, Karaoke, Trial Walk, and many more. After the students have lunch they will watch the girls powder puff teams go against each other on the football field. Lastly, there will be the homecoming assembly in WAC. During the assembly we will watch the Latin dance team and the winner of the spirit stick will be announced.

What is the spirit stick? The spirit stick is an old tradition that has stuck around Cathedral High School for ages. It is a stick that all grades compete against each other for and you get ALL the bragging rights if it is won. Each grade can get points by the individual students participating in homecoming week, for example: if you dress up each day, you get a spirit point each day. You can also get points by raising $250 dollars for the Ignite the Irish Fundraiser (and an extra day on fall break), and by the hallway decoration. Hallway decorating is when the grades decorate their own hallways with their class theme. This is always a great bonding activity for the students, especially for Freshman to meet new people.

Jersey Rodgers, one of the Senior class officers, said “Homecoming week is always such a fun time, but this year it’s going to be great. Since I am a senior I am going all out for my last year at Cathedral. I’m looking forward to watching all my friends in Latin dance. I am playing in the powder puff game, which should be super exciting.”