What To Know Post-Hoco

After a week’s worth of dressing up, decorating hallways, and going all out at school events, homecoming has come to a close.


A group of Cathedral students display their “All-Out Irish” spirit wear.

Madeline Taylor, News Editor

This year’s homecoming was a chance to bring back traditions that took an unseemly break due to quarantine. Events such as Irish I Knew which were only experienced previously by the current senior class, 2023, meant that for almost all students, homecoming was a totally new experience. Despite the changes, some things stay the same, hallways are still decorated and memories are still made. 

For the seniors, this year was their last homecoming. With a secured spirit stick win as well as a crushing victory of 42-21 against the Brebeuf Braves, it is safe to say the seniors secured a memorable final homecoming experience. Class of 23’ Class President Nya Huff said, “It felt very different knowing it was the last one. I wanted to soak in every opportunity the day gave us.”

The football game was a showing of neon that could be seen the moment spectators walked into Arlington. Senior and Leprechaun Brody Snyder said, “Football is well worth it, this year was no exception.” 

This year also brought back Irish I Knew which is a chance for students to learn about topics that are different from what is normally taught in a school day. Drawing, euchre, as well as a plethora of other classes were offered. Huff said, “I was very happy they brought Irish I Knew back since we had it my freshman year. It made the day one thousand times better.

While the class of ‘23’s last homecoming just occurred, other classes still have time to enjoy it. Snyder said, “Get involved. You only have four (homecoming’s) in your life. Make the most of what remains.”