Full House

Students gather for Euchre games each Friday.


Students play Euchre Friday, October 14 in preparation for the tournament.

Liam Eifert, Editor-In-Chief

Last semester’s Euchre tournament has left some students wanting more of the trick taking card game. French Teacher Gary Spurgin has been moderating the Euchre Club each Friday. He said, “We average probably ten to twelve per week because usually what they do is they come in and they practice.” He added, “We’re practicing to gear up for the tournament in March.” 

Even without a tournament in motion, the club is keeping that competitive spirit alive. Spurgin said, “They sign in and we have a leaderboard so they record their scores and we rank who has the most scores up to this point so you can see where you stand.”

The club has always been student led. Spurgin said, “The impetus came out of senior retreat where, because it was in the January retreat and they couldn’t go outside in their free time because it was cold outside, so they had a mini Euchre tournament.” Spurgin said he is looking forward to the Euchre tournament in March again this year. He said, “We’re hoping that (the Euchre tournament) becomes a regular thing.” 

Spurgin said the club is “I would encourage students who don’t know how to play to come in and get ready because I think if you come in two or three Fridays a month that by the time we get to the Euchre tournament you should have the basics down enough that you could be involved with it.” Mr. Spurgin said, “I encourage everyone to get involved and come to Euchre Club.”