Assemblies catered to student relevance

Assembly for senior class coming up says Greer


Max Eslava

Seniors Elise Cassidy and Sydney Giles and junior Sarah Schildmeyer perform at Winterfest on Feb. 10.

Madi Tran, Reporter

When students arrive at every assembly, most are filled with enthusiasm and school spirit. What they may not know is the work that it takes to plan the numerous assemblies every year.

Dr. Tom Greer, chief officer for student services, has the role of making sure all the assemblies are suitable for the mission of the school. “I make sure (the assemblies) are appropriate for the time and appropriate for the setting,” Greer said.

The Student Council plays a part in arranging assemblies as well. Greer said, “If (the assembly) is a pep rally, Student Council usually does that.”

How are assemblies chosen?

Assemblies are either planned to correspond with an significant event within the school calendar or they are organized to highlight a pertinent topic.

“Whenever something we feel is important, we try to recognize people or to provide some information to students that might be helpful like the one we had on social media is relevant to kids for example,” Greer said.

Other times, assemblies are grade specific. “We’ll have some just for classes. We’ll have one just for the Senior Class coming up that’s relevant just for them going off to college,” said Greer.

Every assembly has a set of guidelines that it must follow. Greer said, “(Assemblies) always start with prayer. The music has to be approved. The speeches are approved. Another norm is that we always bless the guest, so that’s kind of a tradition.”

Planned in advance

Most assemblies are scheduled the year before. “We try to put (assemblies) into the calendar by the end of the school year. We’ll have them set for next year. That’s not to say some might not (be added in) when needed, but we try to get those on the calendar so that nobody has any surprises,” Greer said.

The welcome assembly and the Winterfest assembly take the most time to plan. Greer said, “Student Council plans (the welcome assembly) at the beginning of the year, then Winterfest.

“They’re the two hardest and longest assemblies to plan, because of how everyone wants to be a part of them.” Often, guests and speakers are recommended.

“A lot of times (guests are found through) word of mouth from other schools. Even parents will bring in speakers that they’ve heard at other schools. Sometimes kids bring in speakers,” Greer said.

Regarding future assemblies, Greer conveyed this suggestion: “If a student would like to see a speaker recognized or talked about, just ask.”