Third quarter: no motivation (not even to finish this headline)

Seniors accept move to college says college counselor

Anna Pohl, Opinion Editor

Every year, just as allergies kick in, so does senioritis. The second semester can be difficult to persevere through with summer break just a few months away. Seniors especially can be ready for the school year to be over.

And with the third quarter ended next week, that timeline draws even closer.

Stay strong for second semester

“Most second semesters are the same almost every single year,” Ms. Kathy Pivonka, director of guidance and college counselor, said.

Seniors reach a point where they are ready to move on to the next chapter of their life, she said.

There is so much anticipation and excitement for college that it can be difficult to concentrate on high school, school counselor Mrs. Gretchen Watko ’00 said. “That’s OK and that’s perfectly normal,” she said. However, it is important to stay focused on keeping second semester grades up.

For admission reasons, students need to stay strong throughout the year, Pivonka said.

Senior Michaela Ivory said she has heard stories of students whose admittance was changed because they allowed their grades to fall. Colleges take second semester grades seriously, Ivory said.

“You don’t quit playing football in the fourth quarter,” Pivonka said. In the same way, students need to stay motivated through the final months of school.

Motivation can impact more than semester grades.

Senior Olivia Benz said that if she lacks motivation now, she might go into college with that same attitude. In the more independent environment of college, it’s important that students have a good work ethic.

“I think they’re ready for the rigor (of college),” Pivonka said. “That’s kind of what we’re about.”

For students who are still struggling to be motivated, Pivonka said that she recommends seniors try to raise their grades during third quarter because fourth quarter can be a busy time for seniors.

Students should balance fun things with academics senior year, Benz said.

Wall painting, the senior breakfast and more await these students. If members of the Class of 2017 are worried about their grades, they miss that fun, Pivonka said.

Rewarding hard work

Some teachers reward hard work by allowing seniors with an A in the class to skip the final, Pivonka said. This method helps to encourage seniors to study hard and continue striving for success during second semester so that they don’t have to stress about the final.

It is still important to continue making good decisions, Pivonka said.

Seniors are not the only students with important choices to make. Juniors are nearing the start of college application season.

Juniors’ turn

“The college application process can be scary and frustrating at times, but with the right guidance you can get through it. And you will get through it,” Ivory said.

Pivonka said juniors should begin to discuss options with their college counselors in preparation for next year.

“This is kind of the kick off time,” she said.

“Meet with with your college counselor this semester,” Watko said. “They have to work with you.”

If students are feeling stressed, stay positive, Watko said. “There’s still a lot of time this semester.”

In the meantime, “a lot of fun stuff is about to happen for the rest of this semester., Watko said. “Just enjoy it.”