Lanyards Make a Safer Place

Students and staff are required to wear lanyards, but why are they so important?


Lanyards are to be worn at all times during school hours.

Lola Mullin, Reporter

At Cathedral High School, the students wear uniforms and a part of their uniforms are their lanyards and ID’s. Students are asked to wear lanyards around their neck from 8:40 am to 3:15 pm. Wearing your lanyard is for the safety of you and others. It also allows students to get into all of the buildings.

While the lanyards get you into the building it all shows what grade one is in. Navy blue-seniors, green-juniors, orange-sophomores and freshmen wear yellow. While it does not really matter what grade you are in, it does show what kind of uniform you can wear specifically for seniors. Seniors are allowed to wear any college sweatshirt, therefore lanyards help teachers make sure that everyone is in their proper uniform.

Lisa Ford (math teacher) says “It helps us realize what grade you are in, so when I am checking dress code, if you have a college sweatshirt on, you have to have a blue lanyard. That’s the main reason I do it, but I also know it’s for security, so when you are walking through the halls and you have a lanyard on we know you are a student or staff member”.

A lot of the students at Cathedral do not think they need to wear their lanyard around their neck and usually just keep it visible on their backpack, but you will get in trouble. Students also tend to forget their lanyard at home. If you do so, you can go to technology in the Media Center (library) and get both a lanyard and ID for about 14 dollars. Not having your lanyard on can lead to receiving an infraction which can later lead to a worse consequence. The majority of the teachers are great about reminding the students to put their lanyards on. Mrs. Ford is a stickler for rules, and ALWAYS catches people without a lanyard. Although Mrs. Ford can seem harsh, she is just following the rules and making sure everyone is safe. Moral of this story, wear your lanyard.