Taylor Swift Takeover

After the release of her newest album, Midnight, students are sitting in 1000+ person online queues in hopes of landing a ticket to one of her concerts.


picture from Ticketmaster Blog

The cover photo for Swift’s tour, “The Eras Tour”.

Madeline Taylor, News Editor

With 10 studio albums as well as a total of 114 million album units sold worldwide, it is safe to say that Taylor Swift is a successful pop artist. With that in mind, her most recent album has just announced its tour “The Eras Tour” which is set to start on March 17, 2023 in the United States. Despite being 5 months away, ticket sales have been nothing short of a cat race. Due to the sheer amount of people attempting to buy tickets, Ticketmaster, one of the most popular ticket buying websites, ran out of tickets to sell. 

Here at Cathedral, students were just as involved in the ticket race as anyone else. In a poll of 55 students, 23 of them stated that they were trying to buy tickets for the Taylor Swift concert. When it came to the large number of people who were unable to buy tickets, Erica Gibson, class of 2025, said, “I felt bad for the people who were trying to get the tickets, but it’s really just luck at this point. Now people are selling tickets for really high prices which seems a little much for a concert.”

Mary Lisa Bradshaw, class of 2026, added to the sentiment saying, “It has been awful for the last week trying to get tickets.”

While Ticketmaster has resumed selling tickets after the initial freeze, tickets are still hard to come by. With websites such as TMZ reporting that tickets are being sold for upwards of $20,000, this tour will be one that goes down in history.