Finding A ‘Sense of Awe’ in Prayer

To celebrate Blessed Basil Moreau’s feast day, the school held an Ecumenical Prayer Service.

It was a a special day on the Hill Friday as the school came together for a particular kind of prayer service.
Ken Barlow
Director of Campus Ministry, Dave Neeson, explained the day in detail.
He wrote:
Right now, we’re in the middle of Christian Unity week.  This week is celebrated by all Christian faiths to grow in unity as we are all one body, but many parts.  To celebrate Blessed Basil Moreau’s feast day today, and specifically the core value of Diversity & Inclusivity that he placed within Holy Cross Congregation, we wanted to hold an Ecumenical Prayer Service.  Father Rick Ginther who is the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church & the director of Ecumenical Relations with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis came to emcee the event.
Megan Simonton ’03 sang The Lord’s Prayer in between messages from Pastor Kevin Long ’84 (Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church) & Minister Chelsea Goodlow (Youth Pastor – New Beginnings Fellowship Church).
Our ceremony ended with the Cathedral Choir and a keynote of missionary work in India by our own Father Jomy Mathew.
The event was attended by the entire school.