Spring into The Theater

“Breaking News” and “The Spongebob Musical” are coming to The Hill.


Flyers have been on display all winter for the Rookie Showcase.

Liam Eifert, Executive Editor

The cathedral rookie show will take place Jan 26 and they will be performing a one act play called “Breaking News” by Tim Kochenderfer.

The cast list is as follows.

Bruce Banks: Sophomore Morgan Schmidt

Lynn Latoya: Freshman Kayden O’Neill

Phil Philston: Sophomore Kathryn Kirschner

Tom: Freshman Klaire Kirkpatrick

Aaron: Sophomore Chloe Shadiow

Randy: Sophomore Easton Gogel

Roxanne Carolina: Sophomore Veronica Rondinella

Meg Elton: Freshman Eleanor Hendrickson

Tim: Junior Sammy Moffatt

General Manager: Freshman Gabby Wells

Security: Sophomore Chloe Shadiow

Andrew Lando: Freshman Sam Funk

Kidnapper: Freshman Leyna Kavanaugh

Assignment Editor: Freshman Klaire Kirkpatrick

A Tiger: Junior Maya Marshalleck

Candidate: Senior Ava Stevens

Zoo Worker: Junior Julia Hurley

Unnamed Newsroom Workers: Sophomore Chloe Shadiow and Freshman Gabby Wells

Police Officers: Sophomore Chloe Shadiow and Freshman Gabby Wells


The school musical, “The Spongebob Musical,” will take place on April 20 with performances through the 23rd.

The cast list is as follows. 

Spongebob: Senior Charles Haas

Patrick Star: Senior Colin Chandler

Sandy Cheeks: Senior Scout Andersen

Squidward: Senior Joey Schmidt

Pearl: Sophomore Lucy Lindner

Eugene Krabs: Junior Sammy Moffatt

Perch the Reporter: Senior Olivia Griffith

Plankton: Senior Joseph Mariani

Karen the Computer: Sophomore Veronica Rondinella

Gary: Sophomore Jacqui Quadrini

The Mayor: Junior Jackson Maples

Patchy the Pirate: Sophomore Riley Keller

Larry the Lobster: Freshman Susannah Ferris

Foley Artist: Junior Carrie Dobrota

Conductor: Sophomore Sophomore Gillian Mendyk

Electric Skates Band: Freshman Eleanor Hendrickson, Sophomore Easton Gogel, and Freshman Gabby Wells

Buster Bluetang: Junior Darrell Watson

French Narrator: Freshman Leyna Kavanaugh

Mrs. Puff: Senior Ava Stevens

Old Man Jenkins: Freshman Sam Funk

Johnny: Sophomore Chloe Shadiow