Kneeling during anthem: Unacceptable

Kneeling during anthem: Unacceptable

Max Wirth, Reporter

Sadly, the United States of America is a country that has racism and social injustice. But the thought that the American flag or national anthem are the perpetrators is ill advised. There are thousands of people who serve the country, bearing that flag on their arm or chest, that don’t deserve the disrespect brought forward when choosing to kneel during the national anthem.

This is a country with rights, don’t get me wrong. You are given the option to express what you believe; but just because one has the right, does not make it right.

The action does disservice to those who lay down their life for the country. The American flag is about the courage and bravery of men and women serving the citizens of the U.S.

It’s not fair to these people to demote the ideas of the country that they protect. They give their life to guard this country and its remarkable opportunities. They give their time—usually away from family members and loved ones—to protect all of us back home. Kneeling during the national anthem turns a back on the sacrifice exemplified. So much is given up and risked to guard the country. The anthem is tied closely to our troops and by harming it, one harms the whole idea of our country’s peace and freedom.

Kneeling during the national anthem promotes division. It sets up a person or group of people against another. This country needs healing and coming together, not separation. Yes, there’s a cause for the action. Yes, it receives attention because of the riskiness and boldness. But when a person wants to stand up for a purpose one believes in, it does not have to tear down something else. Go support your cause; however, stray from disrespecting the nation you’re a part of.

As a member of society in the present day, remember the men and women of the past. Think about the individuals who joined links and fought for the country’s present state. Respect their deeds by respecting the national anthem.

This country needs to be brought together. There are inequalities and injustices running rampant throughout the modern society. It is reality, but we, as a whole nation, can overcome it: together. Bring everyone together in change. Kneeling during the national anthem is hurtful and upsets a very large number of people that love and respect this country. Forget acting out for attention or “revolution.” Rather, I challenge you to bring your peers up in camaraderie and love this beautiful nation together.