Lenten Promise Projects

Photography 1 class takes on a project capturing photographs telling their stories for lent.


Mrs. Desautels and senior Alec Irwin discuss the project.

Avery Stuckey, Managing Editor

Photography 1 students were faced with the challenge to capture pictures that tell a story. Although this may be what every photographer hopes to achieve when they take a picture, these students were challenged to incorporate their Lenten promise. “They are taking pictures of what they do not want or what they are trying to avoid or what they are trying to bring in,” Photography teacher Mrs Joellen Desautels said.

From giving up certain foods and deciding to eat healthier and getting in shape, to picking up better habits like putting the phone down and reading more and not procrastinating, the students were able to capture it all. “The things that we do that are bad for us distract us,” said Desautels.

These Lenten promises help better ourselves and help us to not be distracted from what should come first in our lives; God. “If you are lazy and do not take advantage of the body that God has given us, that is sloth and gluttony. So what we are doing is avoiding what God does not want us to do,” Desautels said. “He gave us this perfect vessel. How are you keeping it perfect?”

While capturing these specific things in every lesson up to this point, they are now challenged to put everything they have learned to the test. “It is just amazing. We have learned three tricks. We have learned the rule of thirds which is composition. Then we learned point of view. Then we learn aperture and we are not doing aperture and point of view,” said Desautels.