Face Off: Girl Scout Cookies

Daniel Kent and Madison Spiegel

Madison Spiegel – Not Overrated

Biting into a Girl Scout cookie offers a unique and nostalgic experience unlike any other, it’s like traveling back into childhood and reminiscing on the best parts. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also support young girls’ education and empowerment through the organization. They have been a beloved staple in American houses for over 100 years, and the cookies have been a part of the fundraising efforts since 1917. The fact that they have been around this long shows that they are not just another passing fad, but rather a cultural institution. 

Firstly, the flavor combinations of Girl Scout cookies are truly otherworldly and are unable to be recreated. From your classic thin mints to the newest flavor, s’mores, each cookie has a distinct taste that is hard to replicate without buying the actual product. Not to mention the texture of each cookie is never disappointing, always offering a reliable crispy crunch or soft chewiness in each bite. Plus, the seasonal release of certain flavors, like my personal favorite Samoas, only adds to the excitement and anticipation of indulging in a box (or two) of these treats.

Furthermore, the Girl Scouts organization uses the sale of their cookies for a noble cause. The money raised goes towards programs that help young girls develop life skills and leadership qualities, helping them grow to be strong, independent women. As a supporter of education and empowerment, I see the value in investing in these types of programs and believe that purchasing Girl Scout cookies is a small but impactful way to contribute to this mission. By buying these cookies, you are not only getting a tasty snack, but also supporting a worthy cause.

In conclusion, Girl Scout cookies are not overrated in my opinion because of their absolutely delicious and unique taste, as well as their contribution to bettering the lives of young girls. Whether you enjoy them as a standalone snack, or use them as an added ingredient in a dessert recipe, there’s no denying the delight that comes with indulging in a box of these iconic cookies.

Daniel Kent – Overrated

Each Spring, Girl Scouts make their appearance at grocery stores, home repair shops and your doorstep. With twelve flavors, from Thin Mints to Caramel deLites and everything in between, Girl Scout cookies seem to be the best cookie brand out there. But, are they really worth the weight on your pocketbook and hype? Simply put, no, they aren’t. 

While I deeply respect the mission of Girl Scouts, the pure cost of a box of cookies can be outrageous. For example, a box of Tagalongs is $6, but with just 15 cookies in a box, that’s ¢40 per cookie! It’s important to note that this cost per cookie is similar for the other options as well. Personally, I think there are very few cookies out there worth that kind of money. 

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Girl Scout Cookies


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If you really want a cookie, you could opt for Oreos or Chips Ahoy which are both delicious and not as expensive compared to Girl Scout cookies. Who doesn’t love dipping an Oreo in a glass of milk? Yes, you could have Girl Scout cookies and milk, but that combination will never compare to the classic Oreos and milk. Furthermore, many people rave about the variety of Girl Scout cookies, but they fail to acknowledge the endless versions of Oreos. From Java Chip to Birthday Cake, there’s an Oreo flavor out there for everyone!

On top of this, I believe that Girl Scout cookies just don’t live up to what they’re hyped up to be. The exclusive sale of the cookies during the springtime makes them almost nonexistent throughout the rest of the year. This marketing tactic makes the cookies seem like a novelty that you have to get! The exclusivity around the cookies also builds anticipation for buying them. However, this anticipation is quickly diminished when you open the box and realize you’ll be out of cookies within two weeks (or maybe that same week if you find them irresistible). Through strategic marketing tactics, we, as consumers, are tricked into viewing the cookies as the best option out there. 

While some Girl Scout cookie flavors may be delectable, with their outrageous price tag and disappointing nature, they are simply overrated. I’ll stick to enjoying Oreos and Chips Ahoy!