March Madness on the Hill?

Avery Stuckey , Managing Editor

The month of March is chalked full of basketball, most notably being March Madness. Here on the hill students have the opportunity to participate in a similar activity. They create their own intramural basketball teams and compete with their peers in a tournament.

Member of the student innovation team (SIT), Mr. Aundrey Wright, organizes the games along with another member of SIT, Mr. Adam Barth. “It started four years before covid,” Wright said. “(This year) there are 15 teams because we had one team drop out because of timing,” Wright said. “Last year we had 16 and the year before that we had 14. The first year there were 8 so it has gotten bigger.”

This is a very special opportunity for students at Cathedral. “I think it is important because other schools might not do this. It keeps students active and as you know 90% of our students are involved in activities and it gives students opportunities outside of academics,” said Wright.

The ultimate test for these intramural athletes will be in the morning of April 19. The students will compete for the final two spots. They will than have the opportunity to play in front of the whole school for the championship