Hoppy Easter!

There is a faithful reason for the Easter Bunny.


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The Easter bunny came to Cathedral last weekend to hide eggs for local children.

Mary Murphy, Reporter

Did you know that the famous “Easter bunny” has a real symbolism for the Easter season. At Easter mass this weekend, Father Bob Simms of Immaculate Heart of Mary spoke about the meaning of the Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny represents new life, obviously referring to the resurrection of Jesus. One of the most common things while celebrating Easter is the Easter bunny. The bunny goes to each house like Santa and sets up an Easter Egg hunt for the families in each house. The Easter bunny uses giving eggs as a symbol of fertility and new life. 

 Sophomore Jacqueline Bradner speaks on the topic of the Easter bunny, “I didn’t know why we celebrated Easter with the Easter bunny until this Easter. Now I know that it represents new life! You learn new things everyday.” The Easter bunny has been a big part of most kids’ lives for as long as they can remember, but not a single one of those kids knows why? 

The Easter bunny is also known to represent happiness, joy, and love as Easter is a joyous event. The miracle of all miracles, let’s celebrate! The Easter bunny is just one of many ways to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection.

Freshman religion teacher Marc Behringer talks about the Easter bunny. “The Easter bunny to me is a way of connecting our faith with kids. Kids like animals and rabbits. The idea is this new life connects with the children with a new life in Christ. It is a deep concept to explain to kids so the Easter bunny makes it easier. The bunny is an idea of a gift. Easter is the greatest gift.”