High Praise for SpongeBob

The Cast and Crew are bursting with excitement after the first showing of the school musical


Left from right, Seniors Charles Haas and Colin Chandler, SpongeBob and Patrick respectively in the show, pose for a picture.

Liam Eifert, Executive Editor

Senior Colin Chandler, who plays Patrick in the show, proclaimed after the first showing to area elementary schools, “I would say this is the best show we’ve done in my time here and I’ve done every single show I can.” Theater Department Head, Michael Moffatt, seconded that, “He’s not lying. I think he’s right, and I’ve been here for twenty-two years.”

Chandler detailed, “It is a tech marvel. All the actors are absolutely doing incredible. Everyone’s a perfect fit for their lines. And it’s a magical experience for everyone in the audience and on stage.” Senior Allison Haug, who is a stage manager and also helped to build the set, was a bit more reserved, but still bullish about the performance. She said, “It went pretty well today. Everyone got their lines down, all the set moved, and the lighting and the sound went perfectly.”

Lights head Declan Hotchkiss was happy with the show, but looked ahead too saying, “Hopefully it stays the same tonight.”

There are SpongeBob performances scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon.

Senior Charles Haas, who stars as SpongeBob in the show, was found with a tea in hand after the show. He said, “The matiné went really well, despite my voice kind of dying last night after the rehearsal.” Vocal worries aside, he stressed, “I would definitely recommend coming to see it this weekend. The plot may not be what people expect. Everyone in the cast has been doing an amazing job, the crew is really putting this whole thing together.” Summing it all up using the chosen name for the drama department on The Hill, he said, “Just support the CaTheater basically.”