Camila Jackson, Photographer

Photos of Lilah Hern and Samantha Frizzel at their singles tennis match. The freshman girls team consists of 27 girls, many of which are new to the sport or returning to it. The girls on the team learn the basics of the sports from how to hold the racket to the rules of the game. Amelia Taylor, a freshman on the team says, “It’s my first time playing this sport and I feel that it isn’t super competitive compared to the other sports I’ ve played, making it perfect for beginners like me.” So far, the team has had matches against North Central, Carmel, and Brebauf and are preparing for their home match against Zionsville in the next few weeks. Another freshman, Beatrice Murray says, “I love being around the people on this team because they are always supportive of one another and cheer on each other during your matches or even practices. It is a perfect sport to learn if you don’t know what to join during the spring season.”