Kneeling during anthem: Acceptable

Kneeling during anthem: Acceptable

Chandler Watson, Reporter

The United States of America, while being the land of the brave, is also the land of the free. As a land that allows the expression of freedom, people who live here have the ability to say and convey feelings of their choosing in any way of their choosing. By kneeling for the national anthem, people are expressing their American right to freedom.

It is sad that our country is still, to this day, riddled with racism in all types of places throughout the United States. It is a definite problem in our country that needs to be fixed for good. The constant killing, rioting and police brutality that occurs on a daily basis is not acceptable and needs to be changed. This change has been needed for a while but is yet to occur. This is why Colin Kaepernick took the knee, and continuously takes knees, during the national anthem at NFL games.

Kaepernick started to knee  (yes, now it’s a verb) during the national anthem this season to bring attention to the situation he has not seen a change in, modern racism. He is using his abnormally large stage in the NFL to bring attention to the subject of modern racism. Do many see a problem with this? Yes. Do many not agree with him kneeling during something that shows our unity and freedom as country? Yes. Do many who see him kneeling think of it as a sign of disrespect towards those who have served and still do serve? Yes, and I, too, agree with those people in the sense that there are other ways that Kaepernick could have protested or shown his great discomfort toward the issue: however, could you think of a bigger stage? Could you think of a way to get a larger uproar? Or a way to stir the emotional pot more than what he decided to do?

Not only did he boldly stand up, or should I say kneel, for a cause that means a great deal to him, but he also inspired young athletes all around the country. Both they, and he, have the right to do so. Since his statement, high school and college athletes have taken a kneel for the injustice they see in their country. Kaepernick also influenced people older and those greater than himself. Due to his kneeling, Michael Jordan donated over $1 million to foundation to help stop both police brutality and modern racism.

So while you might think that he is splitting our beautiful nation apart and making more of a division between people, did he not make a change for the better? Did he not take a giant step forward to stopping injustice?