College Season Finally Over

Almost all seniors have now chosen where they are going next, leaving Pivonka time to reflect on the year


Los mapas se colocaron entre Kelly Hall y el Centro de Innovación para que los mayores pusieran sus nombres en ellos.

Liam Eifert, Executive Editor

College and Career Coordinator Mrs. Kathy Pivonka has almost completed her first year in her new position. A long-time Cathedral counselor, her new focus on seniors and the college admission process has allowed her to “add the layers” to the admission process. She said, “I was able to do individual appointments, but I think my favorite thing that I think had the biggest impact was I could have lunch time drop-ins,  afternoon, I did some evenings, I did a Sunday afternoon. So, if you just wanted to come in and work because you get too distracted at home you could come and spend just a few hours and I could help with questions.”  

About her experience in the role, Pivonka said, “It’s great, it’s been very busy.” Still, some changes might be coming. She said, “I’ve kind of been keeping track of what I’ve done and what I can do differently next year or what I could add: some evening programming and more help.”

With college visits hosted by Cathedral returning to the pre-pandemic levels, Pivonka said, “I’d like to have more colleges visit.” She said, “Usually if a school is going to be in Indianapolis for a day or two, we’re one of the schools they want to see.”

To current juniors who are next up for the college process, Pivonka repeated the common senior advice of “Start early, don’t procrastinate.” To help, she has is offering a few early programs . She said, “The first two weeks of June we’ll have college admission workshops, and the kids that do that are so much more relaxed in August because they’ve gotten the more mundane, repetitive stuff done.” 

Of the Class of 2023, Pivonka said, “Kids are kind of spreading out. Xavier is pretty popular, Cincinatti since they offer that in-state metro rate, I think there’s like five or six going to Wabash, same for DePauw. A couple to Marquette. It’s just kind of spreading out a bit.” 

Pivonka had a bit of time for things less serious after the May 1 deadline. She had posters printed out of a certain senior who had a humorous Harvard acceptance rumor spread. As I walked out of her office, she was ready to go confront him about it, showing not only the expertise of a long career of experience, but also the good nature of a lifetime of connection.