Why I Chose Cathedral – Ashton Baker

St. Luke Catholic School student, class of 2027, explains Cathedral’s importance.

Ashton Baker

Cathedral’s theme of “Greatness is Calling” is something that applies to everything they do. This theme is chosen by the school to make students strive to be better and have some sort of motivation. It’s like Panic at the Disco says in one of their songs, “Had to have high, high hopes for a living, didn’t know how but I always had a feeling I was gonna be that one in a million.” Cathedral gives me those high, high hopes. The call to greatness at Cathedral inspires me, challenges me, and helps me grow in all that I will do.

Greatness is defined by one’s words and actions. I can show greatness in my academics in many ways. When I am in the classroom, I can look at this definition and do my best in all of my assignments and tests. Whenever I don’t feel the need or the will to do anything, I can look at those lyrics and tell myself to do the best I can so I can set myself up for success. If I do everything at a high level inside and outside the classroom, I don’t have to be worried about anything in the future. Academics are something that I value and believe will set me up for success in the future.

Sports are something that Cathedral has proven to be the best at for many years. They strive for greatness in every game, but also in every practice. Failure is not something that they like to settle with. Sports at Cathedral is something that pushes you to do your best physically and mentally. Greatness is not just a theme you throw around when it comes to anything. Cathedral uses the term greatness for motivation and not just a regular term. Greatness is something that comes for anyone who steps on the athletic fields at Cathedral.

Faith is something that is very valued at a Catholic school like Cathedral. Prayer and faith are daily commitments. You can link greatness at Cathedral to committing to your faith in church and with God. Committing to your faith and acting through your faith is greatness in its own way. Saying you’re a Catholic is one thing, but having an everyday relationship with Him is something that Cathedral teaches you to do. This was definitely a bonus for my mom!

Cathedral’s theme of “Greatness is calling” propels me to do all things with determination. When I visited Cathedral, I witnessed all of these things and this is why our family chose Cathedral for the next four years. Panic at the Disco continued to say, “Mama said fulfill the prophecy. Be something greater. Go make a legacy.” And that is exactly what I will do at Cathedral.

Gonna make you proud, Mom.