March 24 issue answers

Lauren Smith, Culture Co-Editor


4. Nickname for the basketball

tournament during this month

ANSWER: March Madness

7. The number of teams in the first NCAA tournament


8. What students and teachers fill out to predict the winning team of the


ANSWER: Bracket

10. Team in March Madness for the first time this year

ANSWER: Northwestern

12. The only school that has won both men and women’s championships in the same year

ANSWER: University of Connecticut

14. Organization that runs March



15. Team that won March Madness last year

ANSWER: Villanova

16. Team that has the most NCAA

tournament victories of all time

ANSWER: Kentucky



1. The only coach to win both NCAA

and NBA titles

ANSWER: Larry Brown

2. School that has won the March Madness championship game the most times


3. Inventor of Basketball

ANSWER: James Naismith

5. School that has made the most final four appearances

ANSWER: North Carolina

6. Song that is sung at the final game

ANSWER: One Shining MomentANSWER: NIT

9. Tournament for teams that do not make it in March Madness


11. President who was shot on the same day as the 1981 championship game

ANSWER: Ronald Reagan

13. The first team to ever win March Madness

ANSWER: Oregon