Faceoff: Warm spring break


Max Wirth , Reporter

Spring is meant to be refreshing. The weather shapes up, so we should enjoy it. Why go skiing in the Colorado mountains after multiple months of overbearing cold? Indiana has a harsh winter, and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to get out of it for spring break. This period of time should be dedicated to warmth and all its superiority.

Places where the sun shines bright are the places to be. Mexico’s beautiful destination such as Cabo San Lucas are very hot, literally, in part to the average temperature of 75 degrees during April. Cabo boasts a shimmering 92-average day temperature, complimented by a cool 59 degree average night temperature. A warm weather region is perfect for stripping the protective layers that hound Indiana’s winter months.

A benefit to Mexico or any other exotic, foreign country is new culture. Over the border, a tourist can taste the spices of real Mexican food. Drinking fresh-squeezed guava juice from the Dominican Republic or clean orange juice from Costa Rica are true, rich experiences that will leave a mark on the tastebuds.

Along with food and drink, a new visitor can learn and partake in everyday celebratory customs, such as singing and dancing from certain heritages.

Beach activities are one way to pass the time. There is a plethora of things to do in the sand: build castles, play volleyball or toss the Frisbee. Roaming around or talking walks up and down the shore are also easy and accessible forms of exercise. A warm place with a beach is room for action.

Spring break is a great time for everyone’s image. The relaxation period can be spent laying out on the beach working on a tan. With a bright, gleaming sun beaming down, any fair-skinned student can walk away from his destination with a nice new shade. In addition to the actual time spent away, there’s a preparation all people strive to conquer: the spring break body. It can be a terrific motivator to achieve your goal of getting in shape. The beach can give incentive to all of those striving for a healthy physique.

Warm weather isn’t always a luxury while living in Indiana. So when given a week off from school,  travel to an exotic destination. Thrive under the sun. Enjoy the warmth and its bountiful benefits while possible.

Spring break is a time to unwind. One can sink into a lawn chair on the beach, digging their toes into the sand. Let the sun shine during your week off and head somewhere warm.