Faceoff: Cold spring break


Erin O'Neill, Reporter

Traditionally, spring break is associated with going somewhere warm. Why not break this tradition and head west to enjoy some winter sports before winter is over for good and we are forced to bake in the Indiana heat? Heading to a colder climate is the ultimate way to mix up your annual spring break routine.

Of course, winter has just come to a close, but why not make it last a little longer? Considering Indiana rarely sees much significant snow in the winter, heading somewhere with spring snowfall presents the opportunity to have countless irreplaceable experiences.

Almost everyone flocks to the beaches of the South, why not switch it up and organize a group of friends to rent a cabin in the mountains? Places like Colorado, Utah and Wyoming offer amazing ski resorts with outdoor adventures everyone will enjoy.

Skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding and sledding are just some of the countless ways to enjoy the snow on your spring break.

You can supplement your skiing with other outdoor activities, like walking, climbing or snowshoeing.

With the warmer weather, you also can depend on the slopes being soft, with a whole winter’s worth of snow as your base. These beautiful sunny days that boast more daylight hours and longer lift opening times give you a huge time frame to experience everything you’d like. Not to mention, peak season is over in April, so you are sure to save some money on lift tickets and lodging.

If sports aren’t your thing, make snowmen or snow angels or even partake in a snowball fight with your family and friends.

Bundle up, grab some hot chocolate, take a walk and absorb the stunning views that will surround you. Studies prove that cold weather can be great for mental and physical health, so head somewhere cold and enjoy your spring break.

If this is still too cold for your liking, try something new.

How many of your friends will be able to say they visited a natural hot spring on their vacation? With more than 30 springs in Colorado alone, you’re sure to find a way to escape the cold and partake in a unique experience.

Why stress about achieving the perfect beach body in the months and weeks prior to spring break? Spend this time instead planning your ultimate snow vacation and head to the mountains for a unique spring break experience.