New coach prepares to lead men’s varsity soccer

Cesar Jones: ‘Coach Kapsalis understands the game’

Phil Knerr, Reporter

The soccer program has seen big changes in the past year with long time coach Mr. Paul Schroeder resigning after 27 years of coaching men’s varsity soccer.

The resignation opened up the position for the new Head Coach Mr. Paul “Whitey” Kapsalis, former women’s soccer assistant coach.

“It is a dream to be honest with you; it came at a time in my life that’s perfect,” said Kapsalis.

As far as changing the way the team functions, Kapsalis says he hopes to continue the strong moral and athletic program that preceded him by climbing the ladder of success and letting both  the team and individuals grow as players and as people.

Kapsalis’s philosophy for coaching forces the players to be held accountable for taking what they learned on the field and using it to propel them into the next step of their lives.

Kapsalis focuses on  keeping energy up in practice and keeping team moral high.

“(The players) need to feel welcomed into the program and they need to be excited to play,” Kapsalis said.

Prior to Schroeder’s resignation, Kapsalis’ intentions were to stay with the women’s team until the head coaching position opened.

Although Kapsalis says that the opening came at a convenient time, that wasn’t his only motive for wanting to become head coach.

Junior Trey Kapsalis has played soccer since he was 6 and now with his dad taking over the title of head coach, he will be able to finish his high school career having been coached by his father.

Trey learned the news of his father taking the position soon after his father was approached to take the job.

“I think he will bring back an energy to the team that we need for success,” said Trey.

Trey isn’t the only player excited for Kapsalis to serve as head coach.

Senior Cesar Jones recalls seeing Mr. Kapsalis at games and other events.

“Coach Kapsalis understands the game to the fullest and he can keep the program going on for years,” Jones said.

Coach Kapsalis’s reputation as being a leader and great coach isn’t the only thing he is known for.

Kapsalis serves as a motivational speaker who travels across the nation speaking to students and adults about leadership and motivation. He plans to use these skills to better his team and keep them fired up.

Kapsalis attended Indiana University and played soccer throughout his college experience .

The Kapsalis name is known throughout the soccer community at IU as two of Kapsalis’s brothers also played soccer at IU.

Kapsalis played under Coach Jerry Yeagley all four years.

“I can’t wait to be apart of what Cathedral has built for so many years, I’m honored to be able to walk into the rich tradition of Cathedral athletics and especially soccer,” Kapsalis said.