Schedule change deadline passes

Counselors will contact students if adjustments needed


Megaphone file photo

The counseling center may be closed, but that will not stop counselors from being available to assist students.

Madi Tran, Reporter

The scheduling tool for PowerSchool was turned off March 30, so dropping or adding classes is now unavailable until August. This deadline allows counselors to schedule students’ classes for next year.

“Getting in classes (in PowerSchool) as soon as possible really makes our jobs easier,” said Ms. Kathy Pivonka, college counselor and director of guidance, said.

Counselors still can adjust the level of classes taken. Pivonka said, “If a student wanted to move up or down in class, we can still change that.”

Some schedules will need to be adjusted and counselors will get in touch with students if that is necessary. “Some students will need to choose alternate classes due to the availability of a class, but the counselors will email you if needed,” Pivonka said.

In August, students should email their counselors if there is a mistake in their 2017-2018 schedule. “If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact your counselor,” Pivonka said.