Senior Class elects faculty graduation speaker

Mr. Spurgin’s audience will include his son

Sara Kress, Reporter

In a vote by the Senior Class, Mr. Gary Spurgin, world language department chair, has been chosen to speak this year’s graduation.

On his reaction to this selection, Spurgin said, “The first few words that come to mind are humbled, honored and a little intimidated.”

Spurgin did not immediately accept the offer to deliver the graduation speech. When he received the news that he had been chosen, Spurgin responsed, “I need to get back to you because I need to think about it and I need to pray about it.”

One of the reasons that this decision was so hard for Spurgin was because he has a son, Griffin, who is a member of the Class of 2017. Now that he has accepted, Spurgin said that the speech would be more meaningful because of the presence of his son.

“I think it will be bittersweet,” Spurgin said. “It will be challenging because I know (Griffin) is graduating and he’s listening. I think it’s bittersweet also because I know that his time is coming to an end here, which means a new chapter for his life is beginning, but also my life will be changing.”

Spurgin has given the graduation speech before, in 1993. However, “(This speech) will be very different,” he said.

Spurgin has not begun preparing for the speech. “I have not thought about anything yet,” he said. “That is my homework for spring break.”

However, Spurgin’s experience helps him know where to start. He said, “The main thing is looking at this class: what best characterizes them, what has brought them together, what makes them a good class for Cathedral High School. It is one of the better classes I’ve been associated with, and it’s not just because my son is a part of it, it’s just I know many of the students personally.”

Spurgin said he hopes his comments will help the students in some way. He said, “I would like for the speech to be meaningful and impart some wisdom.”

Graduation is scheduled for May 21.