School installs four new water stations

Filler fountains reduce waste, aid environment


Liam Keenan

A new water dispenser was installed near the administration hallway.

Catherine Jasper, Co-editor

As students return from break, they might notice a few familiar features designed to get them fresh, filtered water fast.

Students craving a speedy, simple way of filling up their water bottles might choose to use one of the new EZH2O water fillers throughout campus. After noting the success of the first filler fountains, one in the science hallway and one in the hallway between the Shiel Student Life Center and the theology classrooms, four more were added over spring break.

Vice President for Operations Mr. Jim McLinn ’70, said the idea for the school’s first filler fountain was brought up by the Ecology Club, which was sponsored by the science department. The Ecology Club originated the idea to raise enough funds for the original dispenser. “Originally, (the Ecology Club) sold refillable water bottles for enough profit to place the first in the science hallway,” McLinn said.

While a group of students and teachers was responsible for obtaining the money for the first fountain, the efforts of President Mr. Rob Bridges secured the new fountains.

There are now six fountains throughout campus. “These additional fountains bring the total number to six across campus: (one in) Cunningham, (another in) Loretto, (the third) in the lobby of the Auxiliary gym, and (the last in the) math hallway in the lower level of Kelly Hall. A seventh is planned (to be installed) in the near future for the commons area of the SLC,” McLinn said.

Keeping in tune with the wishes of the club originally responsible for the fountain, McLinn said he feels these fountains are part of the school’s mission to improve the environment.

He said, “Additionally, besides offering cleaned, chilled drinking water, (the fountains show) Cathedral is doing its part in helping to cut down on the number of plastic water bottles disposed of in our landfills.”