Sophomores begin ISTEP testing

Two-hour delays scheduled for April 24-26


Emily Abriani

Students now take ISTEP testing on their iPads

Nick Murphy, Sports Editor

ISTEP testing kicked off with practice tests occurring April 18. Sophomores were assigned to their respective classrooms during flex to test the technology and confirm everything is in working order.

On April 24, April 25 and April 26, freshmen, juniors and seniors will enjoy a two-hour delay, but for sophomores they must report to their assigned testing rooms at the regular start time. Math and English tests will be conducted during the two-hour delay schedules and science testing will continue that April 27, April 28 and May 1 in science classrooms during class time.

Make-up ISTEP testing will begin April 27 for students who were absent during their assigned testing periods. Make-up will continue until May 4, the day all testing is due back to the State.

Dr. Tom Greer, chief officer for student affair, advises students to “take (the tests) seriously; kids who do not pass can not graduate.

“Get some rest, eat right and do your best,” Greer said.