Senior Assassin strikes this year’s Senior Class

“It’s fun having power” says Zerr


Emily Abriani

Seniors Paul Zerr and Sophia Mathioudakis are the this year’s Senior Assassin moderators.

Sara Kress, Reporter

For about a month every year, the school gets caught up in the whirlwind that is known as Senior Assassin. However, the traditional game almost did not take place this year.

Senior Sophia Mathioudakis, one of the moderators of Senior Assassin, heard from last year’s moderator that no one had signed up to facilitate the contest yet.

Mathioudakis said, “I probably would have liked to participate, but no one else was going to run Senior Assassin, and I know that it’s a thing that everyone likes to do. I just wanted to make sure that our class got that experience.”

Running Senior Assassin

When senior Paul Zerr learned that Mathioudakis was running Senior Assassin, he asked if he could be her co-moderator. “It was the start of a beautiful relationship,” Zerr said.

Zerr said he chose not to participate in the competition for two reasons: “I’m too large of a target, and it’s fun having power.”

Mathioudakis admits that there are advantages to holding the moderator’s position. “It’s kind of cool to get to know who everyone has. It’s fun to know all the secrets and watch all your friends freak out,” she said.

As a moderator, Zerr said, “People can trust you, I guess. They can go to you if they need problems solved.”

The rules are simple enough for a water gun assassination game. “Basically, you have a week to get your target. If you don’t, you’re out. The person who had you now has your target. It can’t happen in school, you can’t go in someone’s house without permission, people have a ten minute cushion before and after school and before and after Cathedral practices,” said Mathioudakis.

However, the competitive nature of students requires more specific rules. Zerr said, “You can’t bribe your assassin, you can’t tax your assassin, you can’t steal their gun and you have to get your target yourself.”

Tensions run high

The heavy investment of the senior class in the competition creates high tensions.

“If you want to moderate Senior Assassin, you should be prepared to deal with very angry people,” Zerr said.

The craze of the game has resulted in everything ranging from Twitter rants to seran wrapped cars to Senior Assassin themed promposals.

Zerr offers his advice to next year’s Senior Assassin moderators: “Start it in February, not March because that was way too late,” he said.

Mathioudakis said that she wants the tradition of Senior Assassin to continue.

She said, “I hope that someone decides to take on the responsibility next year. It’s pretty fun.