Faceoff: are promposals worth It: Yes

Faceoff: are promposals worth It: Yes

Evan Schoettle, Reporter

Almost everyone loves prom season. Sure, there is a lot of pressure, buying prom tickets, making sure the flowers are perfect, all that nonsense.

But it is worth it for the payoff of looking fantastic and having a great time. However, this all begins with one important aspect: the promposal.

The promposal is a vital part of the prom season and has become a staple of this time of year, so much so that the school offers free prom tickets to the person with the best promposal. Those things are $75. That is $150 worth of tickets for a person asking someone to prom in a creative way.

Regardless of how you do it, the promposal is almost a necessity for taking your date to prom in style.

Whether it’s hanging a sign on a bus or writing a message on a whiteboard in IB Psych, the promposal is an essential piece that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of prom: ridiculous, flashy and over the top.

Without the promposal, a certain je ne sais quoi would be missing from the season as a whole. This is what gives the season its flair. While the wild dresses and overpriced everything do have their charms, the promposal is the icing on and in the cake, making everything just that much sweeter.

The variety of promposals is another way this tradition stays interesting.

The level of creativity some promposals reach is insane. Anyone remember two years ago when Gary Schorr ’15 asked Annie Gregory ’15 over the news? Yeah, that happened. I don’t think I’ll ever see that topped, but still, it’s the variety that counts.

Many people, myself included, would feel as though the prom season would not be the same without these radical ways of asking people out. It is the idea of going out of the way and sometimes making a fool of yourself to impress whoever it is you are asking.

Prom is, by nature, reflected in the promposal. It is expensive, extensive and dynamic, all things that describe everything about prom. But it is also enjoyable, creative and inventive, which is why prom and promposals go hand in hand. It is the enjoyable nature of both that mixes and combines to make something truly creative.

Numerous arguments have been made against promposals, and most of them are very valid. A great deal of them are expensive and overly extravagant, but that’s the point.

That’s the very nature of prom, ridiculous and extravagant.