Junior Austin Vukovits finds success

“Austin is the best teammate” says Paris

Chandler Watson, Reporer

It is an impressive feat to succeed in a sport or to have great grades. However, it is even more impressive to be very successful in both categories. Junior Austin Vukovits is one of these impressive people. Not only does he succeed at a high level in the classroom, but also on the golf course. Vukovits is a part of the National Honors Society, and also made all-state in golf as a sophomore.

Junior Danny Paris, another member of the golf team, said, “Austin is the best teammate anyone could ask for. He wants everyone to reach their full potential. If you are struggling one day, you can always go to Austin, and he’ll happily give you any tips or advice that he can offer. He also keeps himself humble.”

This humbleness Paris spoke of was easily seen. When asked what it is like to succeed at such a high level both on and off the course, Vukovits said, “It is tough to balance both schoolwork and golf. I miss a lot of school traveling for golf so it’s hard to find time to catch up in school. I have always tried to be the best in everything I do. Whether it is schoolwork or golf I always try to strive to be better.”

When asked about how much time he spends with both school and golf, he said, “Since the start of high school, my life has always revolved around golf. There wouldn’t be many days of the year, and (there) still aren’t, where I am not practicing and trying to better myself. A regular day for me is going straight from school to the golf course, then going home and studying. I do a lot of my schoolwork late at night and right before school. I try to blend both as well as I can and I don’t have too much time to just sit down and relax.”

Vukovits is a very hard worker, and rightfully so. Not only do his accolades show how hard of a worker he is in and out of the classroom, but it is also evident to his friends. It also helps that he finds similarities between his schoolwork and playing golf. Vukovits said, “I think there are definitely some similarities with school and golf. Golf is a very mental sport that takes hard work and dedication to be really good at. I have learned to focus for long periods of times and have a short memory when bad things happen. In school, I don’t let one bad quiz or test deter me. I try to keep moving forward.”