Musical kicks off with matinee performance

Shows continue April 21-23 in auditorium

Jenna Williams, Co-Editor

The school’s theatre productions are known for their spectacular and practiced shows. This year’s musical, “The Little Mermaid,” is no different. 

It occurred for the first official time April 20, with a matinee version offered that morning. Other shows will be April 21, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. and April 23 at 3 p.m.

Director of theatre arts Ms. Jen Alexander wrote in an email, “We invite students from the area, Catholic elementary and middle schools to come enjoy our spring musical for free.” 

She wrote, “We believe this (matinee) is a great opportunity for young students to experience live theatre, sometimes for the first time, and expose them at an early age to enjoy live theatre.”

Junior Andrew Bessler, who plays King Triton, said, “The show is incredibly important for last minute corrections. Because we have a live audience that’s seeing the show for the first time, we can learn how to tweak the show to give the best experience on opening night. That goes for all parts. The cast refines their parts, emphasizing certain lines and actions to give the audience a greater experience. 

“Throughout the rest of the day, the directors give us invaluable notes that we can implement into our performance. The crew also gets a chance to run the show with an audience. They’re expected to be quick and relatively unseen, so what better way to practice?”

This matinee show meant that participants were absent from several classes. Bessler said, “We do miss classes as well as (the EMBRACE) assembly this year. It can be rough depending on your schedule. However, the majority of teachers know how much time goes into making the show the best that it can be and, as such, may give us a little lenience.”

The cast and crew does miss class during the matinee. Alexander wrote, “It is very similar to athletes missing class for a game or going on a field trip. It is a great opportunity for our cast and crew to perform for a very enthusiastic audience.”