French exchange students experience America

‘Huge and impressive: Food, school, car, house’


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Students welcomed their guests from France at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Sydney Hutchinson, Reporter

Cathedral is more than 4,000 miles from France, but despite that distance, each year the world language department invites exchange students to spend several days on campus and make that trip up the he Hill.

Fifteen students from France currently are here to experience a culture that differs from their own.

Baptiste Malcoiffe, one of the students, mentioned many aspects different about Cathedral compared to his school, including “comfortable seats, prom, and the pretty girls.”

Héloïse Bertrand said the biggest thing that struck her at Cathedral was the prayer in the morning and after school. “It made me realize that theological education was more important here than at our school,” she said.

Both students said that the sports programs offered here were also impressive. “In Cathedral I definitely love the sport area and in America,” Malcoiffe said.

They also agreed the atmosphere in the classrooms is much more relaxed than at their school in France. Something that surprised Malcoiffe was the behavior in class. Bertrand said, “I feel like the classes at Cathedral are way less strict than they are in our school. Students are allowed many things, whereas we can barely ask for a pencil.”

“Cathedral is really typical and represents America well. It is a true American school,” Clémence Ravix said.

As far as teacher relationships, “students (seem to be) really close to their teachers most of the time. They can tell them about their personal lives and issues,” Bertrand said.

Ravix said that the classrooms more attractive. “The classes are decorated, which is very cool for a classroom,” Ravix said. This marks Ravix’s first time in America. “America is so good. You can have your license at 16. (You) can finish school very early, which allows you to enjoy your afternoon. Here, all is huge and impressive, food, school, car, house,” Ravix said.

However, when these students came to America, all of them said that their favorite activity was going to Chicago and all the things to see and do there.

While Cathedral is far away from France, high school students are fairly similar. Texting, snap chatting and going out with friends are all activities both American and French teenagers enjoy.