Anti-intruder drill runs smoothly

Those present at school practice evacuation plan


Tommy Callaghan

Students line up according to their irish counties on the football field.

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

For 20 minutes, as planned, students, faculty and staff went through the anti-intruder drill, which administrators developed. Starting promptly at the scheduled time of 1 p.m., the school filed out to the practice football field and lined up according to counties. Next, the most important part, county moderators passed out cards to identify each student as present.

Dr. Tom Greer, vice principal for student affairs, said he was pleased with the results. “Overall, it went pretty well. This was only a practice run so we met the expectations we had,” Greer said.

Some student reactions were not as positive. Some students expressed confusion as to why the football field was chosen as an evacuation rendezvous and why everyone would be asked to go outside if there were to be a school shooter.

In addition to the evacuation plan, students are encouraged to run, hide or fight.