ComedySportz wraps up season

Final event set for April 28


Mary Stempky

The ComedySportz team will wrap up its season April 28 in the auditorium. During the April 27 match at Bishop Chatard, senior Claire Plump takes the stage.

Mary Stempky, Reporter

On April 28 the ComedySportz High School League team will close out the year with a Red vs. Blue match pitting teammate against teammate. They will also say farewell to seniors Sophia Mathioudakus, Claire Plump and Marissa Vander Missen.

According to freshman Claire Hunter, she said that she can not pick a favorite among the seniors. “I miss them all a lot,” Hunter said.

Hunter, the sole freshman on the team, had an interest in ComedySportz well before high school. Her ambition began in eighth grade; once she got to high school several people told her she should join the team, she said. “I thought it would be fun to try to make people laugh,” Hunter said.

Unlike Hunter, junior and co-captain Lilli Moffatt had never heard of ComedySportz when she was told to try out her freshman year.

According to Moffatt, she said that all she knew about ComedySportz before trying out herself was that it involved improv. She also said that she did not know if she would get a spot on the team but wanted to try out for fun.

“When I made it on the team I was really surprised, but I have had such a good time doing it,” Moffatt said.

Both Hunter and Moffatt would encourage others to go to the final match.

According to Hunter, she said that the match will be one of the most engaging of the year. She also said it is enjoyable use of a student’s evening. “It’s funny and a great way to spend your Friday night having a laugh with your friends,”Hunter said.

Moffat shares this view of going to the match. “It’s all this spontaneity, really witty people thinking on top of their feet,” Moffat said.

The ComedySportz intramural competition will take place April 28 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Admission is $5.

Hunter, Moffat and director of theatre arts Ms. Jennifer Alexander shared advice for those interested in becoming part of the team next year.

Moffatt said that one of the reasons she hears that people don’t try out is because they’re not funny enough. “It’s not about being funny or making jokes it’s about learning techniques in improv,” Moffat said.

Hunter encourages students to show who they are when trying out. “Be yourself, it will come naturally,” Hunter said

Alexander said, “Be bold, generous, and work well with others.”