Students prepare for, recover from AP tests

Exams continue through May 12



The schedule for each test continues through May 12

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

Since the beginning of the year, AP students in each grade have prepared for the tests, which take place for two weeks at the end of the year. Arduous work loads, stressful nights and challenging course material are all a part of the classes.

Within these two weeks students will put all they have learned to the test, literally.

Notably one of the most challenging AP classes, AP Chemistry, tested May 1. After her time in the class, junior Anna Flood reflected on her experience. “I was expecting much worse from what I had heard,” Flood said.

These tests are known for their demanding nature and their length. For many students, the silver lining is found in the fact that if they do poorly on a test, it will not affect their grade in the class and, if they earn a score of at least a 3 on a 5-point scale, many colleges grant credit for the course.

Tests continue until May 12, leaving one week before finals.