Limited number of graduation tickets remain

Seniors who need them should see Dr. Greer


Phil Knerr, Reporter

For those seniors who need a last-minute ticket for their graduation guests, Dr. Tom Greer, chief operating officer for student affairs, said those members of the Class of 2017 should see him.

Students sometimes don’t secure the correct number of graduation tickets. Luckily for those individuals, there is a chance for them to get more if they contact Greer.

The graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 21 at the Old National Centre at the Murat Theatre at 502 N. New Jersey St. in Downtown Indianapolis. The two-hour event will include remarks by Mr. Gary Spurgin, class co-moderator, who was selected by the members of the Senior Class, the member of which include his son, Griffin.

As they get ready to wrap up their high school careers, Greer provided his assessment of this year’s seniors. He said, “This class has been one of the most cooperative and willing to take responsibility that I’ve seen.”