Faculty moderators reflect on Class of 2017

“They’re very spirited,” says Lewis


Evan Schoettle

The Senior class joins in a sending off mass.

Sara Kress, Reporter

As the school year winds down and graduation approaches, the Class of 2017 enters the home stretch of its time in high school.

Mrs. Katie Lewis, theology teacher and Senior Class co-moderator, has spent time getting to know the soon-to-be graduates. “I have closer relationship with (the seniors) than I feel like I usually do, so I can be pretty up front with them,” she said.

Lewis reflected on the qualities of the Senior Class: “They’re very spirited, they’re very passionate, they’re extremely talented, but they’re also very diverse, and not in a cohesive way, but more in a scattered way.”

Mr. Gary Spurgin, world language department chair and Senior Class co-moderator, elaborated on the diversity of the Class of 2017. He said, “(The seniors) are very diversified with different groups—maybe more groups than I’ve seen in previous classes—that represent different things. I think we always have those groups, but for some reason this year it seems like there are a lot of different interests, and yet when it comes to crunch time they pull together.”

The Senior Class has left a lasting legacy on the school due to its Homecoming traditions. “It’s very neat that (the seniors) won the spirit stick both their junior and senior year,” Lewis said.

Spurgin commented on some of the characteristics of the class that helped them pull off this achievement. “I think this class brings a lot of energy, a lot of excitement and a lot of enthusiasm,” he said.

Spurgin has a strong connection to the seniors. He said, “For me it’s been a very special time because of having a son in the class and getting to know a lot of students personally through him. I think for me it’s been a good journey, watching them grow from what I would say boisterous, very immature freshmen to for the most part wise, loving, caring seniors.”

Spurgin expressed optimism about the future of the Senior Class. He said, “I do look for this Senior Class to do well in whatever their future endeavors may be.”