Class president shares thoughts on graduating class

Jack Mattei, Guest Writer

Thank you.

Those two words, praised by our man Super Sub, best describe my feelings for the Class of 2017. Seeing everyone together for these last few weeks has been surreal. College announcements and future plans all felt so far away not long ago.

These walls merely stood as a setting for our best memories together as brothers and sisters. Our full round of Homecoming weeks, Winterfests and Irish 500s are highlights in our years here. From chanting “sit down seniors” as freshmen to actually have the Senior Class sit down on top of the Hill as juniors were equally memorable and exciting. As individuals and groups, we’ve made our own memories that will last a lifetime.

It wasn’t always easy. All of us have faced hardships together, and many of us have faced our own hardships, but we’ve been there for each other. Through these moments, you all taught me how to lead in good times and in bad times, in victory and in defeat. For this, I am forever grateful.

This isn’t the end. That’s what I’ve learned here at Cathedral. It is so easy to subconsciously conform to the black and white stages of life, but Cathedral taught us to see more than that. On the first day of school, our excitement was unmatched. We met new people and were introduced to our new world, one that seemed endless and full of opportunities. I can confidently say we took advantage of those opportunities, and our experiences shaped us into better people. Not only do we have a lifelong connection to our new friends and family here at Cathedral, we have a lifelong connection to our experiences here and how they changed us.

Juniors, maintain an open mind. Listen and learn. Enjoy your last year together. The more you put into it, the more you will enjoy it and thrive.

Thank you, Class of 2017. Thank you for shaping me as a person, as a leader and as your friend. You made it an incredible four years. Congrats and good luck.