Senior Kavan Braun receives Moreau Scholarship

Award includes a full-tuition scholarship


Max Wirth , Reporter

Senior Kavan Braun is set on college. Unlike 98 members of the Class of 2017, he’s not attending Indiana University or Purdue University this fall. He has found Saint Edward’s University, a liberal arts Roman Catholic institution in the Holy Cross tradition, in Austin, Texas.

Interestingly and appropriately enough, Braun is a recipient of the Moreau Scholarship.

This award includes a full-tuition scholarship and the same amount in all subsequent years leading up to graduation. “My sister applied for the scholarship and was awarded it. She goes there now,” he said. In an effort to strengthen ties for Saint Edward’s pupils, the fund reaches out to one student in every Holy Cross-affiliated high schools across the nation.

Reasons for Texas

The sunny Texas climate provided a strong plus for Braun in the college process. Saint Edward’s is located in the state’s fourth-largest city. “I picked it because I love Texas, plus it’s warm,” he said, “(and) I’m excited to be in Austin where there’s a lot going on.”

Despite the thousand mile trip, the leading scorer on the men’s lacrosse team is no stranger to the Lone Star State. His mother is from Texas, and family remains there. Braun’s relatives often visit. He said, “Some of my best memories from growing up took place (in Texas) while on family vacations or during holidays.”

Braun received a phone call one afternoon, and on the other end, terrific news awaited. “I was with (seniors) Jack Mattei and Joe A’Hearn and I got a call,” he said.

The news of free tuition would bring excitement to any high school senior and his family. “I was really excited when I heard because it’s a free scholarship,” he said. The discount was a major factor proceeding the official decision.

The new chapter of Braun’s life is full of untapped resources and fresh beginnings. His field of major “is probably going to be digital media,” he said.

Looking forward

That area of study is foreign to Braun, but he looks forward to researching it and getting his feet in the program.

As far as a roommate goes, he has not found one. In addition to the undecided dorm sharer, he is unaware of any other people attending Saint Edward’s.

He said, “I’m not all too worried about it. I enjoy getting acclimated with new people and meeting others. It should be a great experience.”