Is Shona McGarry pregnant? Whitney Dean of EastEnders gets a surprise baby before she leaves the show

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), who plays Whitney Dean on EastEnders, will get a surprise in the new year when she finds out she’s pregnant again. Whitney and her boyfriend Zack Hudson (James Farrar) lost a daughter this year.

Peach was diagnosed with Edwards’ syndrome, and the couple chose to end the pregnancy rather than let the child suffer. In the end, Whit told Zack that she couldn’t go through another pregnancy, and the two of them decided to apply to be foster parents. Find if actually Shona McGarty is pregnant or not from the sections below.

Shona McGarry

Do you know if Shona McGarry is pregnant?

In real life, Shona McGarty is not pregnant. Wealthy Peeps says that she is not having a child. Shona McGarty is best known in Britain for her parts in the soap opera EastEnders on BBC. She is up for several awards, such as the “Best Newcomer,” “Sexiest Female,” and “Inside Soap Award” at the British Soap Awards.

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About Whitney Dean’s pregnancy in EastEnders

On the TV show EastEnders, Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty, will have a new baby, as per reports of Radio Times. Here it comes after the character lost her baby daughter Peach, who had Edwards’ Syndrome and couldn’t live an everyday life. In a recent episode, it was revealed that Whitney is pregnant.

Shona McGarry

The story will likely continue as she prepares to leave the show. The character’s story has been full of dramatic events, such as being sexually abused as a child, being sexually exploited as an adult, and losing a baby. Shona McGarty has been seen filming her last scenes as Whitney, who is very pregnant. She is getting ready to leave the show after almost 20 years in the part.

Who is Shona McGarry’s life partner?

The name of the Irish singer who is Shona McGarty’s boyfriend has yet to be made public. These two have been together for a while now.

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