Sept. 6: Time to grieve one of our own

E-Learning Day allows for attendance at Fr. Zahn’s funeral


Jenna Williams

Fr. John Zahn’s image graces the atrium outside the auditorium. His funeral is Sept. 6 at the cathedral in Lafayette.

Jenna Williams, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Posted Sept. 6 at 7:10 a.m.

Sept. 6 the school makes an adjustment to take the time to grieve one of our own.

Last week administrators announced that it would be replacing today’s typical Day 1 with an e-Learning day so that students and staff can attend Fr. John Zahn’s funeral.

Teachers and students alike have acknowledged the importance of the switch to an e-Day pn Sept. 6. English teacher and department co-chair Mrs. Kathy Keyes said, “I think students and faculty need to be able to go and to say farewell to Fr. Zahn and to do so without having to worry about missing class and work and all of that.”

Several teachers took the opportunity to assign their e-Day assignments before today so that students would have adequate time to complete them if they chose to attend the funeral in Lafayette.

Keyes said, “We discussed it at academic counsel and decided that the kind thing to do was to help students who might be wanting to go to the funeral have time to work on their assignment.”

Students generally appreciated this gesture as well.

Junior and Liturgy Committee member Lizzy Jensen said, “This e-Day gave me a chance to remember the inspiring priest that touched everyone’s heart, including mine.”

While this e-Day is specifically designed so that students can attend the funeral, it remains a school day. Keyes wanted to remind students that “an e-Day replaces the day of school, so they should expect a few hours worth of work. In order to replicate a school day, a students should expect to spend about 45 minutes on an assignment.”