Several renovations are completed for start of year

Projects include history hallway, Baker updates

Workers over the summer update the Baker board room in the library.

Mary Stempky

Workers over the summer update the Baker board room in the library.

Max Wirth , Sports Co-Editor

Summer break is viewed by students and teachers alike as a time to relax. The hiatus is much needed after a grueling 180-day school year. However, June through August is when Vice President of Operations Mr. Jim McLinn ’70 makes strides in improving the campus.

McLinn oversaw a multitude of projects take place on the Hill, ranging from a full-size baseball field to a main hallway revision. The Welch Activity Center has been refinished and redecorated.

Athletics Director Mr. Doug Seagrave held the reins for this project.

“The (gym) floor revision was about four weeks overdue with some construction problems. Our next hope is to redo the auxiliary gym in March,” McLinn said.

“As we speak, there are basically two things left to do at Brunette Park, our new baseball field. We have to reinstall the scoreboard in right-center field and put foul poles down each baseline,” he said. New fencing and irrigation systems are in place, as well as the pitching mound being moved back. The Little League pitching distance is 46 feet in comparison to 60.5 feet for high school.

“That brand new baseball field is 99.5 percent finished,” McLinn said during the first week of school.

Loretto Hall took a deep breath of fresh air as the building’s chiller was replaced. “That unit was installed and up and running around July 1,” McLinn said.

Prior to two months ago, it had been more than 12 years since a reboot in the English department’s air conditioning. “Knock on wood, we haven’t had any problems so far,” he said.

In the summer of 2016, new underground piping, which controls the chiller water, was installed.

This summer, it was the chiller itself undergoing adjustments. “It was a two-phase system for the completion of this project,” McLinn said.

New flashes of life have been spotted from the library. The Baker board room underwent a near-total makeover.

“There is new carpeting, new sliding glass doors, new bookshelves and new LED lighting. Also, new mini blinds have been hung up for privacy. They can be used during board meetings,” McLinn said.

Obvious to any pair of eyes, Kelly Hall was updated. “2018 is the 100th anniversary of the opening of this school. As a result, the history hallway was created. There has been a 100th year committee working for two or three years, finding ways to commemorate the school,” McLinn said.

“To just scratch the surface, two interactive monitors have been installed adjacent to the front office and the walls depict Cathedral’s migration from Downtown to (the Hill). The new designs even include Ladywood and St Agnes,” he said.

Director of Marketing Mrs. Grace Rodecap led the group effort in sprucing up the hallway. “Our new interactive monitors will display pictures, alumni photos, and sometimes the daily schedule.

“We are still awaiting the arrival of special computers that feed information into the monitors. Right across the hall is a new map of the campus. It is very handy for tours, especially with (Vice President for Enrollment) Mr. (Duane) Emery,” Rodecap said. The visual delineates building size.

The hallway-turned-timeline stretches past all administrative offices. “We started back in 1918, at the all-boys school on Meridian (Street). The left side is dedicated to our old Downtown location because it’s important to include it,” Rodecap said.

A slew of championship photos and rich traditions line the right side. “So much of what makes Cathedral unique is the individual traditions we have,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of older alumni come by and their faces light up on first glance. It is so rewarding to see them appreciate the new additions. Likewise, kids in the school are seeing the history and traditions making Cathedral the amazing school it is today,” she said.

The Holy Cross values and an explanation of each are posted in the theology classrooms’ hallway.

“It’s important to display our values,” Rodecap said, “as a visual reminder of family and hope and all the other traits our school possesses.”