Cathedral already meets new federal standards

Feds will no longer recognize general diploma


Cathedran file photo

Members of the Class of 2017 at their graduation.

Jenna Williams, Co-Editor in Chief

Indiana currently offers three high school diploma options: the general diploma, the Core 40 and the Core 40 Honors. Cathedral, however, offers only two: the Core 40 and the Core 40 Honors Diploma.

The United States Department of Education has updated its guidelines so that it would no longer consider the general diploma in high school or state graduation rates. While this change will significantly affect schools in Indiana, Cathedral will not be impacted.

Director of counseling and guidance Ms. Kathy Pivonka wrote in an email, “The changes do not affect us due to the fact that Cathedral does not offer a general diploma. Our diplomas start at a higher level.”

So while other schools in both Indiana and across the nation may struggle to adjust to this change in federal policy, Cathedral already meets these new standards.