Junior women’s overnight retreats begin

Senior reflects on her experience as a leader


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Several juniors and seniors gather during a recent retreat.

Tommy Callaghan, Web Editor

A week after senior retreat kicks off, junior women’s overnight begins as well. Retreats almost always provide special experiences for students and are encouraged by the campus ministry staff.

Senior Alice Brennan said she enjoyed her experience on the retreat as a junior when she was a participant and was inspired to become a leader one year later.

“The big reason I wanted to lead JWO was because when I went, I really connected with my senior leaders and I wanted to have the same relationship with my group that I had with my leaders,” she said.

Throughout the retreat, seniors give speeches about different topics and then break into small groups to discuss the speech and pray.

An important aspect of any retreat is the bonding experience. After each group forms, they come together and find ways to bond.

Brennan said she enjoyed the experience. She said, “My favorite part was becoming close with some of the juniors that attended, but also the other senior leaders. Its overall a really good experience, because you get to become closer with some really awesome people that you might not ever get to know at school.”

The next retreat will take place on Feb. 21-22.