Face Off: Libraries are obsolete

Face Off: Libraries are obsolete

Chandler Watson, Sports Co-editor

Libraries have been around since the BC era. And for all of those years, they have been important and necessary due to their plethora of knowledge in which the buildings held.

However, that is no longer the case. The internet has overtaken the library.

I do not have to go down to the library to read up on Napoleon or get a copy of the New York Times. I can open up my iPad or phone and search whatever is necessary to my current needs. Which in all honesty is so much more efficient than going out of your way to a library.

Oh, and you can access the internet at any moment in time whereas libraries close. It’s difficult to find the information you need when you know the library is closed.

Libraries have grown to be out dated and obsolete. I believe this because we are in a technology based and technologically advanced society that not only uses techniques very effectively but depends on it for most things. Due to this, libraries are becoming more and more out of date as the years advance.

We are currently in the 21st century and, well, technology is simply becoming more and more popular.

Libraries are no longer where people go to get information, it is where people go to nap or to be in a quiet place.

It is where people go to sometimes do school work, and people are even finding other places than libraries to be at for those things.

Libraries are not what they used to be and certainly will not be again. It used to be the center of civilizations and used to be praised for all of the knowledge it held.

There are even famous libraries such as Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame, and the library at Indiana University that is made to look like a bunch of books stacked on top of each other.

And it is just so sad to think that those expensive and beautiful libraries will no doubt be almost completely useless in my lifetime. That they will have turned from beautiful pieces of art to just terrible eyesores that people will be signing petitions in order to get them removed.

But that’s what is going on. As society and technology advances, the old ways of how people before us interpreted the world and how they used the world will be left in the past. And the library is honestly a way of the past.

People would use a giant sculpture of a computer with shelves that you could use as a charging station more productively than they use libraries today.

The very technologically advanced society that we live in today, are not only using computers and other devices more often, but we are also using physical books and magazines less and less as every day passes.

I can not imagine our advances slowing down either. People have access to many more things nowadays than they did in past years.

We live in a tremendously fast technology growing community and this advancement of computers and phones and what not is being applauded as it should be. It is in fact taking over in all part of life. Especially the way we receive our information. And that is why, in my opinion, libraries are not only obsolete but are in fact being used less and less as each day passes.