School gathers to pray the rosary

Event takes place on anniversary of miracle at Fatima


Sara Kress

Director of campus ministry Mrs. Charlene Witka and the liturgy planning committee organized the Oct. 13 living rosary.

Sara Kress, Reporter

The school gathered in the Welch Activity Center Oct. 13 to participate in the living rosary.
October is the month of the rosary, but this year that fact is not the only significance of the date of the service.

Campus ministry director Mrs. Charlene Witka said, “We’re specifically having it this year on Friday, Oct. 13; it is the 100th anniversary of when Mary appeared to the children at Fatima.”

The rosary, a prayer honoring the Virgin Mary, was an integral part of the miracle that occurred at Fatima. Because of this, many other churches and schools participated in rosary services on Oct. 13. Witka said, “I think that’s kind of neat, that the solidarity of the prayer will be there.”

She said, “Each of the classes will represent one of the decades of the rosary. A decade is the our father, 10 hail Marys and the glory be.”

The participants gathered in the middle of the WAC. Before the living rosary took place, Witka said, “There’s going to be all the students and they will be the beads. Mary will be honored in the middle of the circle. And then we will also have the choir singing in between each of the decades. Then we will also be doing the mysteries.”

Witka anticipated a successful service. She said, “Hopefully students will embrace the service and join along with us as we pray the rosary.”